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Benefits Summary

Quartz provides a highly effective system for awarding bodies and it offers many potential business benefits, including cost savings, improved customer service, and support for QA and regulatory requirements.  For example:

Operational Efficiency

  • Automation of many manual processes
  • Reduced transaction costs and faster throughput
  • Greater flexibility in developing services and qualifications
  • Significant time savings and potential for staffing reductions
  • Removes redundancy and duplication in current processes
  • Document management reduces the ‘paper chase’ and paper filing effort
  • Improved communications mean less time on queries and progress chasing

Customer service

  • Supports the retention and development of customer accounts
  • All customer information is linked and available to staff
  • Faster and more accurate response can be given to customers
  • Improved (and automated) communications over registrations and awards
  • Quicker, easier submission processes saving time for customers
  • Secure and easy access via the ‘Quartz Portal’ for providers/centres
  • Support for management of the centre approval/review processes

Quality assurance

  • Quality assurance and control of development, operation and recognition
  • Automated ‘qualification checker’ removes manual checking
  • Automated validation rules to improve data quality
  • Sophisticated ‘fuzzy matching’ to reduce duplicate registrations
  • Simplify external submissions whilst retaining control of data quality
  • Historical views and audit trails to manage quality and review

Business Agility

  • Improved business responsiveness to changing requirements
  • Ability to respond quickly to local and national requirements
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence to inform decision making

Value for money and future proofing

  • Highly functional system delivered at affordable cost
  • Proven ability to support expansion and development
  • Designed to integrate and exchange data with new systems
  • Commitment to meet developing requirements for awarding bodies

The links above left give a few examples of areas where Quartz enables benefits to be realised by awarding organisations.  Please contact us if you would like to find out about the opportunities Quartz offers or if there are specific areas of improvement that you are interested in. We are happy to visit you to show you what Quartz can do for your awarding organisation, or, if you just want a quick flavour, we can demonstrate Quartz at very short notice using our web conferencing facilities.


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